No More Heroes is Dr John Fass and Mor Bakal

We work with public and private sector organisations making digital tools that address multilayered social and professional situations. We believe in design doing and making over design thinking.

We adopt co-creation as a baseline approach, our view of design is that it is welcoming, non-coercive, and shared. We consider the research process to involve the same level of experimentation as the creative process. We are driven by a belief in evidence-based outcomes and by the need for a more equitable and evenly distributed future.

John has been working as an interaction and interface designer for twenty years, he has lived and worked as a designer and art director in London, Berlin, Milan and Brussels. John’s work as an interaction designer covers diverse fields such as healthcare, engineering and music, but consistently emphasises narrative legibility and clarity of purpose. John holds a PhD in Communication Design from the Royal College of Art and is the Course Leader for MA User Experience Design at LCC.

Mor has over ten years experience working as interface, interaction and user experience designer for large and small companies in the UK. She worked across various fields from E-commerce to fintech but most recently found her passion working in healthcare, charities and NGOs. Mor is also an associate Lecturer for the MA user experience design at LCC.